Artist’s statement

We all spring into the world from the home.  And different homes catapult us on different trajectories.

Living happily in Egypt twice, spending ambivalent, short blocks in USA and long sentences in UK;  I have been catapulted between different cultural takes on consumption, sharing and how we welcome people (if at all).  

I was made warmly welcome during my seven years in Egypt which was transforming and a lucky second up-bringing for me: albeit as a young adult.

As a cultural practitioner I explore how we share resources, personal information and how we move in shared space.  The latter is not a recognised subject but it should be.  I call it Social Choreography and explore this and the wider theme of ‘sharing’ through interactive installations (which often involve me as one of the interactive parts).  My approach is light and searching.   

Painting, sculpture and textiles take up solitary time.  Cultural themes and my journey through womanhood, often crop up here too – sometimes uninvited…