Paintings + 2D Art

‘Scar’  ARISING: A CALL  – Leeds Arts  University   Feb 2019

An exhibition curated by Yoko Ono exploring women’s experiences.



Featured Artist   ‘Artists’ Cookbook’   Glasgow   Aug 2017

Thank you to Rudy Kanhye for this opportunity and his warm welcome at the lovely launch at the CCA in Glasgow.

  • ISBN-10: 1973904837
  • ISBN-13: 978-1973904830


‘Waiting’   Soma Gallery, Berlin    Dec 2014

‘Afro-phobia’ exhibition and event, curated and organised by Nabi Nara in support of refugees and asylum seekers.


(acrylics on board)


‘On the Nile’


(acrylics on canvas)



(acrylics on paper)



(inks on card)


‘Car Dealer’



‘Car Dealer’

(egg tempera on paper)



(acrylics on board)


more to follow