Interactive Installations

You are Welcome!!!

Want to take part in my new installation? Just share an experience when you either felt welcome or unwelcome. Send it by email to and I will post it on my new ‘You are Welcome’ page on Facebook.

Follow the link to find out why we need to be more aware about welcoming others:

Email me and share your experiences.
All welcome!

And a very big thank you to everyone at The Highrise Project, especially Louise  Atkinson and Victoria Kortekaas, for making all of this and the exhibition possible!


Love Bank   Deptford X Festival   at Buster Mantis   Sep 2017

An interactive installation exploring how comfortable we are giving, receiving and sharing money and personal information with others.

A BIG THANK YOU to all my charming Love Bank customers and to Freedom from Torture for their co-operation (and the wonderful work they do) and to Gordon and everyone at Buster Mantis for accommodating us all in their lovely space.   And to Lucy Day, a-n and Rosalind Davis for their fantastic support.  And to Leann Young for all of her info and enthusiasm and Susan for her ongoing thoughtfulness.  And to Alex Thompson for coming along with his camera to make me my first video.  And to Arthur, Richard, Michael and Charles for all of their practical help.  And to Moji for her kind hospitality.  Thank you all! 

One evening only – Tuesday 26th September at Buster Mantis  Deptford  SE8 4NT  from 5 – 10pm.   All investors and speculators welcome to drop by!


Permission   Word in Transit   Piccadilly Line,  London   Mar 2017       

Exploring urban isolation – inviting passengers to interact with each other – and they did!

Thank you to Campbell McConnell for creating this opportunity on the Tube and to the passengers from Bounds Green to Arnos Grove who bravely broke their silence and convention.  


The Performers are Making a Performance   Leeds   Dec 2016

Part of Jordan McKenzie’s flash mob, challenging behavioural norms in public spaces.


The Nest   RITE event    Islington Mill,  Manchester   Jun 2016 

 A warm hello to all my lovely fledglings who visited me in The Nest and shared their stories of leaving home.   Fly back soon! 


Thanks too to May McQuade for creating this vibrant, exotic event.


Hoardworks   Leeds Corn Exchange    Oct 2015

An interactive performance installation exploring what we keep and why.